Kind Friday : notre vision de Black Friday

Kind Friday: our vision of Black Friday


Today, and like every last Friday of November, it's Black Friday. The opportunity for many brands to offer discounts - often very attractive - in order to attract customers ready to spend a lot. At the same time, ethical and responsible brands are protesting against this practice, seen as a call for overconsumption. What about Kind Studio?

What is Black Friday?

Formerly used to designate the day off for domestic workers who left for a long weekend, Black Friday became, from the 1970s (the decade of the advent of ready-to-wear), the term used by stores in the States. -United.

Today, Black Friday is probably the biggest consumer day in the world. The reductions by the thousands and the anthology of advertisements around this day push consumers to buy.

In France, Black Friday arrived in 2013.

How about making Black Friday a greener Friday?

Very quickly, ethical brands - particularly in fashion - pointed to this practice. Indeed, this goes against raising awareness about fair prices and reasoned consumption. This is how the Make Friday Green Again movement was born. This movement aims to raise awareness about more responsible consumption. Any practice that aims to encourage a better awareness of the impact of one's purchases, of one's choices, is positive.

We do not encourage overconsumption. Our collections are produced in small quantities. However, and at the risk of going - once again - against the usual practices in our sector, today we are launching Kind Friday.


Kind Friday: a compromise between necessity and accessibility

To what extent should we stick to our values, if this jeopardizes our activity and our projects? This is the question we asked ourselves before making a decision: that of offering a 15% reduction on the entire collection, for 24 hours.

Kind Friday: the need to save our project

Times are hard. This is not new for Kind Studio since our brand was born just before the wave of confinements. We are used to working in difficulty, long deadlines and uncertainty. However, we did not expect such a perilous season.

Yes, our clothes are liked. Every day we receive compliments on our creations: their quality, their style, their manufacture. Every day we have new followers on Instagram , new visits to our site. But this season, very little of that translates into sales.

This season is the most complicated we have known since our debut. In particular, we have invested in the development of the brand. A studio to work and receive you, a new website, better communication and a slightly larger collection.

So, how far should we cling to our values, without compromising our business and our desire to offer a new mode of consumption?

We have to make choices. We will not compromise on the quality of our clothes, our manufacturing ethics and our production eco-responsibility. However, we can make a compromise on our prices, the time of a day . This is so that the dress, top or jacket you've had on your wishlist for weeks is finally yours!

Kind Friday: the desire to make our brand more accessible

We know our prices are higher than you might be used to. We explain why in this article .

We had to compromise on our values ​​to offer you a discount on our current collection. It was a deliberate choice that we had to make. But we also see it in another way: what if Kind Friday was an opportunity for you too to make a choice ?

That of supporting independent brands rather than big brands. That of promoting ethical and responsible clothing rather than relying on practices that lack transparency. That of believing in young brands because you want to participate in their development. You too have the opportunity to make these choices. We encourage you today with this Kind Friday.

For Kind Friday, take advantage of a 15% reduction on the entire current collection, for 24 hours. And the code, you guessed it, is KINDFRIDAY.

Thank you for your support.

Linda and Elena

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