The sizes

For us, fashion is for every body and every size. However, as a young independent brand, we are limited and have to make choices. Every extra size means high costs - from pattern grading to garment production. We can only recoup these costs if we sell several pieces in these sizes. And to do that, we need to reach more customers, and above all, get to know them.

We are therefore putting in place solutions to be as inclusive as possible on our scale:

Requests: Tell us what size you would have bought a piece in, and if there are several similar requests for the same model, we will be able to satisfy you in the following seasons knowing that our stock will be sold out.

Oversized pieces: They are present in every collection and are adapted to a greater number of morphologies.

Semi-measurement: a real crush on a piece? Write to us and we will arrange to recreate it in your size according to availability.

We can't and won't overproduce our clothes and accumulate unsold stock. That's why your feedback and opinions are so important. It helps us to understand the demand and to adapt our quantities and designs for the next collections.


To write to us it's here !